About Paradise On Ice

Paradise On Ice is a adult beverage bar offering a tropical escape with TO GO Daiquiris and Margaritas.

Paradise On Ice TO GO offers the best selections, service and quality of any adult beverage bar. We also add our secret signature ingredient to every adult beverage TO GO!

The secret ingredient we add is a little piece of “PARADISE”!

What’s your Flavor?

Our menu

Strawberry Daiquiris

Endless Love (Strawberry + Watermelon)

Laid In The Shade (Strawberry + Mango)

Beachside Breeze (Strawberry + Banana)

Heaven On Earth (Strawberry + Vanilla)

Pina Colada Daiquiris

Life Meets Paradise (Pina Colada + Strawberry)

Sunset/Sunrise (Pina Colada + Dreamsicle)

Island Cream (Pina Colada + Banana)

Ocean Lava (Pina Colada + Blue Hawaiian)

Hurricane Daiquiris

Bonfire On The Beach (Hurricane +Cherry or Strawberry)

Sunny Days (Hurricane + Pina Colada)

Caught In The Rain (Hurricane + Green Apple)

Tropical Retreat (Hurricane +Dreamsicle)

Long Island Iced Tea Daiquiris

Night To Remember (Long Island+ Hurricane )

Long Walk On the Beach (Long Island + Peach)

Sunbathers Delight (Long Island +Lemonade)

Mystic Waterfall (Long Island + Raspberry)

White Russian Daiquiris

Love On The Sand (White Russian + Chocolate)

Sinners Cove (White Russian + Oreo Cookies)

Sex On The Beach (White Russian + Strawberry + Chocolate)

White Sands (White Russian + Peach)


Original, Cherry ,Mango

Strawberry, Watermelon

 And More.

OR Create your own Paradise Add any flavor(s) to any
daiquiri or rita

Vanilla, Pineapple

Peach, Strawberry

Blue Hawaiian

Cherry, Mango

Peach, Raspberry

Watermelon, Lemonade

Green Apple, Grape

Banana, Kiwi

Dreamsicle, Cotton Candy

Paraidse On Ice Fan Favorites!

Lexy’s Moonlight Escapade (Pina Colada + Grape)

Jr’s Snorkeling Adventure (Margarita Gold + Blue Hawaiian)

Joshua’s Hot Spring (White Russian + 1 shot Devil’s Fire) additional fee applies



Better than the drinks in the restaurants going back soon as I go back to Austin.


Sinners cove are the best ever! Especially with an extra shot !


Best margaritas ever! This margaritas give you the utmost feeling and they are delicious also. Fabulous service!!


It was our first time going and I will for sure be going back. Drinks were awesome but the customer service was way better.


My sister introduced me to this place, excellent service and delicious margaritas and drinks. We go anytime in the area since I am from out of town.